By Jon Dart

2 7 months ago

More clarity would have been useful

I get that many dental practices require the taking of blood pressure during a checkup, but it would have been helpful if I had been informed ahead of time as a new patient booking an appointment that certain BP numbers are required before treatment can proceed. So there I was, sitting in the chair after X-rays and exam, when I was refused cleaning. I was basically diagnosed with hypertension by the dentist, when my condition is much more complicated. I could have gotten the medical clearance I needed before having my time wasted. Also, once I was refused treatment, the explanation I was given was certainly not up front, or at least confusing. Something to do with feeling bad because my mouth would be full of blood, as if I had never had a dental cleaning before. Why was I not asked if I was on a blood thinner, if they were concerned about me bleeding out? The whole thing was a bad experience.